Conveyance Systems

  • Fabrication and installation of belt conveyance systems
  • Epoxy linings on tail pulleys
  • Reconditioning of head and tail pulleys
  • Motor and gearbox bases
  • Belt training
  • Material transfer piping fabrication and installation
  • Rubber lining
  • Epoxy lining
  • Ceramic linings
  • Maintenance and repairs to damaged piping


  • Replacement of diffusion plates
  • Replacement of bag/ceramic filters
  • Mechanical repairs to pulsating systems
  • Replacement and reconditioning of inlet and outlet valves
  • Replacement and reconditioning of discharge valves
  • Quality assurance inspection and reports


  • Fabrication and repairs scoops/buckets/rakes
  • Boom fabrication and repairs
  • Cylinder replacements
  • Various mechanical repairs
  • Quality assurance inspection and reports


Vertical Mills

  • Replacement of rollers
  • Replacement of roller linings
  • Fabrication and repairs done on scraper compartments
  • Repairs/Replacements rotary feeders

Horizontal Mills

  • Replacement/reversals of girth gears and pinions
  • Fabrication/repairs on gear guards
  • Design, fabricate and install new oil /grease seal arrangements
  • Bearing replacements and scraping
  • Liner replacements
  • Weld repairs


  • Replacement/reversal of girth gear and pinion
  • Roller replacements
  • Bearing replacement and scraping
  • Supply/install and repairs to inlet/outlet seals
  • Replacement/Repairs to chair plates
  • Fabrication/repairs to cooler hood
  • Fabrication/repairs to inlet riser
  • Weld repairs
  • Liner replacements
  • Refractory anchor supply and installation


  • Side wall repairs
  • Inlet Feed chute repairs
  • Off gas ducting replacement and repairs
  • Classifier rake replacements and repairs
  • Structural installation and repairs
  • Walkways/staircases and handrails fabrication and installation
  • Installation and refurbishment of double flap valves
  • Electrode seal installations
  • Installation and repairs of cooling water pipes